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Did you know that Paid Advertising and Marketing is the fastest way to drive instant traffic to your website? What can your website do without traffic? Without traffic, you are losing time, opportunities, and business to your competition.

If you are looking for instant online traffic to your website and targeting potential customers with online ads that are triggered by search and are set to only appear at a certain time for a specific geographic location, or are set to appear at high traffic websites you selected, then Paid Advertising and Marketing is for you.

Hurricane Campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Ads displayed the top of search results with keywords related to your business, services, and products.

Facebook Ads

Consumers rely on Facebook for a variety of specific interests. This gives these platforms the ability to reach a targeted audience.


Ability to display ads on sites related to your business, and target only the consumers you want, even within a specific targeted area.


Video ads for your business on YouTube. Video creation may not be included.


Strategy Focused Platform

Increase your businesses online exposure, brand awareness, and have Hurricane Digital Marketing deliver real-time detailed and transparent reports with amazing ROI on impressions, clicks, and much more.

Calls & Leads: Local businesses wanting their digital advertising online campaign to result in phone calls, emails, or form fills. Potential customer phone calls can even be recorded for great tracking and training.

Store Visits: Local businesses with business goals to result in more real customers visiting their store. Hurricane Digital Marketing would use a strategy with location-based ads with geofencing & conversion zones, ad creative and user real-time detailed transparent reporting.

Calls, Leads & Store Visits Local businesses with an overall business goal wanting the best of both worlds: a targeted campaign resulting in phone calls, leads, & more store visits. This is an ideal strategy for businesses like restaurants, which have a physical location and a phone number to order delivery.

Detailed Transparent Reporting

Hurricane Digital Marketing platform will provide monthly detailed and transparent reports in which will detail how many impressions and clicks have been generated but in addition these detailed reports can also track and display that we have generated more phone calls and store visits, resulting in a great return on your marketing investment.

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